Nissos Academic Publishing

Nissos publications have been active since 1992 in the fields of social sciences and humanities. Nissos was established as the publishing branch of the scientific, non-profit organisation “Society for Study of Human Sciences” and gradually expanded to become an independent entity.

Still, it remained closely connected to the society, mainly through specialised editions and tailored programs that constantly aim to the cultivation of scientific publications in Greece.

The overall approach of Nissos towards the contribution of a publishing house to the sector, and, generally, to the public sphere includes both the selection of highly influential essays from the international production, as well as representative examples of the contemporary local thought.

All selected titles are part of a grater plan and are developed as interventions. Each book is the outcome of a research concerning a gap in the greek bibliography.

Nissos’s books derive from a wide range of discourses, theoretical traditions and opportunities for thought of diverse characteristics. Nissos, carefully places original essays of contemporary Greek theoreticians, next to the publication of exceptional books of internationally recognised thinkers, that constitute the foundations of their disciplines.

As a result, Nissos gradually constructs a “library” of monographs, chosen to meet the strictest criteria, produced by the most acclaimed greek thinkers of their fields, that explore issues that are central to contemporary science and philosophy. Crafted with special style, these books form Greece’s contribution to the international scientific and philosophical debate.



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