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Nissos publications, founded in 1992 was originaly an initiative of the Society for the Study of the Human Sciences The aim was to promote the discussion in philosophy and social sciences. In the meantime the titles published cover the whole range from classical literature to modern science and art.

Nissos' books present to the greek public edited translations of foreign classic and modern authors as well as original contributions of greek theoretical thought and writing.


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Society for the Study of Human Sciences and Topika

One the main aims of the Society for the Study of Human Sciences is the reinforcement of the discussion between Greek and foreign scientists. This is realized mainly through organizing scientific workshops and book publications.
The S.S.H.S. organizes roughly once a year interdisciplinary workshops unter the title Topika.

Topika has been conceived and planned as a series of workshops focusing at issues of knowledge, its scope covering an entire spectrum of approaches, ranging from educational to philosophical, with reference to the social sciences. Each workshop is organized around a particular topic. The responsibility is held by a small team drawn from a broader advisory board, consisting of colleagues from various universities and research projects. This team initially undertakes the survey of questions to be raised, the selection of reference works to be shared, and the composition of a short paper addressed to perspective contributors. The latter is sent out to anyone interested in the topic and serves as a basis for discussion in the workshop and as a call for papers.

The call is intimately linked with the special nature of the Topika workshops - namely, the focus on round-table discussions which give shape to the theme, bring to the fore questions, and point to directions for further research. The basic aim is the constructive exchange of ideas and experiences as well as the collective exploration of the topic. This is reflected in the main feature of the short invitation paper: the emphasis on both the interdisciplinary approach and the openess of the questions posed.

The corresponding Topika volume consists primarily in original publications as well as in selected texts which are regarded necessary to cover the field of discussion. Furthermore a bibliographical coverage of the topic, including a survey of the "state of the art", constitutes a fundamental part of each volume. All the texts sent for publication are examined by specialist advisors collaborating with Topika. An executive board retains the overall responsibility for the publication.

Workshops held until now:

• Discipline and Knowledge, Rhodes, November 1992.
• Reading and Writing in the University, Ermoupolis,
September 1993.
• The Notion of Construction in the Human Sciences, Chania, April 1994.
• Childhood, Patras, September 1994.
• Production and Transmission of Knowledge in Antiquity, Rethymno, November, 1994.
• Language and learning, Thessaloniki, November 1995.
• Knowledge and Learning, Patmos, June 1996.
• Local Practices and the Concern for the Truth, Aegina, May 1997.
• The place of Nature in Greek Society and Politics, Athens, September 1998.
• In-Use Knowledge, Mesta/Chios, September 2002.
• Light-Image-Reality, Aigina, May 2003

S.S.H.S. has also coorganized international congresses and symposiums on: international relations, modern politics, enviroment, science and art. It has initiated and participated in EU projects on university education, new technologies and cultutal cooperation.

Nissos Publications

catalog 2002-2003


Texts by:
Adorno, Bachelard, Canguilhem, Carnap, Feyerabend, Foucault, Habermas, Horkheimer, Koyre, Kuhn, Lakatos, Popper, Putnam

Edited by Gerassimos Kouzelis

Umberto Eco

How to Write a Graduate Thesis

Translated & edited by Marianna Kondylis

Epistemology of the Social Sciences

Texts by:
Adorno, Althusser, Bourdieu, Dilthey, Durkheim, Giddens, Habermas, Hayek, Horkheimer, Luhmann, Marx, Menger, Parsons, Piaget, Popper, Ricoeur, Thompson, Weber

Edited by Gerassimos Kouzelis & Kosmas Psychopaides

Sociology of Leisure

Texts by:
Veblen, Huizinga,Riesman, Friedmann, Touraine, Lanfant, Baudrillard, Dumazier, Parker, Roberts, D’ Epinay, Pronovost,
El Ouarti, Samuel, Sue, Caillois, Yonnet, Gorz, Maffesoli, Lipovetsky

Edited by Alexandra Koronaiou

On Childhood

Texts by:
Aries, De Mause, Badinter, Demos, Thompson, Postman, Manheim, Eisenstadt,
Elias, Piaget, Freud, Bettelheim, Bachelard, Mead, Berger, Luckmann, Durkheim, Turner, Gennep, Richards, Barth, Donzelot, Foucault,
Platt,. Chamboredon,Prevot, Kay.

Edited by Dimitra Makryniotis

Nature, Society and Politics

Texts by:
Evelyn, Descartes, Rousseau, Goethe, Thoreau, Muir,. Darwih, Kropotkin,. Marx,
Engels,. Marsh, Horkheimer, Carson, Commoner, Bookchin, Clark, Plant, Collard, Contrucci, Gorz ,Naess, Devall, Porritt, Die Grunen, Collingwood, Kelsen, Short, Worster, Beck, Kastoriades, Hayles, Ponting, Dalton, Rootes, Eckersley, Louloudis.

Edited by Yiannis Stavrakakis

Sociology of Development

Edited by Alexander Kyrtsis
Texts by:
Etzioni-Halevy, Galtung, Kiely, Menzel, Mouzeli, Senghaas, Wallerstein

Sociology of Reading

Edited by Mary Leontsini

Texts by:
Bayard, Burgos, Culler, Evans, Flynn, Holland, Iser, Leenhardt, McCormick, Passeron, Petit, Prince, de Singly, Waller

Narration and Fantasy

Edited by Anna Vidali

Texts by:
Vidali, Bettelheim, Rose, Steedman, Walkerdine, Williamson

Qualitative Sociology

Edited by Costas Kalfopoulos

Texts by:
Astrinakis, Becker, Blumer, Garfinkel. Geer, Glazer, Lazarsfeld, Psathas, Schutz, Strauss

Image and contemporary Experience

Edited by Dimitris Karidas Stavros Stavrides

Texts by:
Adorno, Benjamin, Bloch, Cixous, Danto, Deleuze, Gadamer, Guatarri, Jay, Lyotard, Metz, Vattimo

Claus Offe

Labour Society?

Edited by Alexander Kyrtsis

Max Horkheimer, Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse

Authority and Family

Edited by Gerassimos Kouzelis

Ernesto Laclau

New Reflections on the Revolution of our Times

Translated & edited by Yiannis Stavrakakis

Jurgen Habermas

The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere

Kostas Stamatis

The retrieval of the future Beyond liberalism

Ulrich Beck

One's own life

Constantine Papageorgiou

The Political Possibility of Justice
Contract and concensus in John Rawls

Sacred words. Prophecies and Prophets in Antiquity

Edited by D. Kyrtatas

Kosmas Psychopaides

Politics in Concepts

George Faraklas

«this thing»

Gerassimos Vokos

The Typewriter
An introduction to Les Pensees of Pascal

Vassilis Kalfas

Scientific Progress and Rationality

Pandelis Bassakos

Argument and Crisis

Dionysis Kapsalis

The owings of reading

Aristedes Mpaltas

The epistemology of Louis Althusser

Beyond One's Own Backyard

InterculturalTeacher Educationin Europe

Bilingual edition: English and French

Edited by Thalia Dragona, Anna Fragoudaki, Hrissi Igglessi

The Multicoloured School

An experience of intercultural education through art

Edited by Anastasia Vafea

Kostas Vratsalis

Learning and Teaching Practices

Bilingualism and Education

Edited by Helen Skourtou

Nikolas Tsaftarides

Music, Movement and Speech

Efi Avdela

History in School

D. Wheway - S. Thomson

Explore Music through...poetry, art, science, mathematics, history, geography, moovement, word games, mythes

Vassilis Tselfes

Trial and Error

Irini Nakou

We, the museums and the civilisation

Katerina Zacharopoulou

Children in conversation with the modern art

Gilles Deleuze

Spinoza Practical Philosophy

Etienne Balibar

La philosophie de Marx

Quentin Skinner


Frederic Gros

Michel Foucault

Alexander Kyrtsis

Sociological Thought and Progressive Ideologies, in Greece, Between the two World Wars

Hans-Georg Gadamer

Reason in the Age of Science

Peter Burke

History and Social Theory

Walter Benjamin

Essays on Philosophy and Language

Critical Theory today

H. Dubiel, A. Poltermann,
R. Wiggershaus, G. Kouzelis, D. Markis K. Psychopaidis

Christos Lirintzis

Comparison and interpretation

Tullio De Mauro


Argiris Archakis, Marianna Kondili

Introduction to Sociolinquistics

Discipline and knowledge

Edited by: I. Solomon, G. Kouzelis

On construction

Edited by: Panayiotis Poulos

The use of language in science

Edited by: G. Kouzelis, M. Stoppler, H. Zander

The transmission of knowledge in antiquity

Edited by: D. Kyrtatas, Ch. Mpalla

Sigmund Freud

The Dream

Michel Foucault

The painting of Manet


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